Oct 14

Long trek for treatment ends at the hospital from hell

Declan Walsh in Mansehra
Thursday October 13, 2005
The Guardian


Aziz Khan pushed impatiently through the crowd outside Mansehra hospital, gripping his blood-splattered son Javed by the hand. Moments later the 11-year-old boy was lying on the emergency room table, a bare metal bed frame in a chaotic room filled with quake victims and littered with bloodied swabs. He moaned as a doctor kneeled down to examine a deep gash across the back of his head. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 14

Aftershocks hamper earthquake rescue efforts

Earth Quack Victims


Thursday October 13, 2005


Areas of Pakistan worst affected by Saturday’s earthquake were today hit by an aftershock that halted efforts to find the dwindling number of trapped survivors. According to an Associated Press report, a 22-year-old woman buried in the rubble of an apartment building in Muzaffarabad died when rescuers were forced to abandon their bid to free her.
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Oct 08

PAKISTAN 2005 October

Magnitude 7.6 – PAKISTAN – usdyae
A major earthquake occurred at 03:50:40 (UTC) on Saturday, October 8, 2005. The magnitude 7.6 event has been located in PAKISTAN. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)Details

Earthquake Summary

At least 86,000 people killed, more than 69,000 injured and extensive damage in northern Pakistan.The heaviest damage occurred in the Muzaffarabad area, Kashmir where entire villages were destroyedand at Uri where 80 percent of the town was destroyed. Read the rest of this entry »