Feb 02

Yaqoob Lauds ERRA’s reconstruction process

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister AJ&K Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan has said that ERRA had carried out the massive reconstruction process and made speedy progress in last 3 years was even more than the development made in AJ&K in last 50 years. Addressing Inauguration Ceremony of Basic Health Unit in Chatter Kalas Muzaffarabad, he said that AJ&K govt would keep on supporting ERRA towards the completion of all the projects well in time.

Speaking on the occasion, Senator Altaf Muhammad Saleem thanked Bosnian Govt and people, especially outgoing Bosnian Ambassador for his continuous support to ERRA. He said that Bosnian support is reflective of the confidence of international community in ERRA’s rebuilding phase. He said that PM Yousuf Raza Gilani is taking keen interest in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of earthquake affected areas and is regularly updated about the recent developments made by ERRA.

Altaf M Saleem urged local administration to engage closely with ERRA to manage the network of buildings, offices and infrastructure being developed in affected areas. He said that ERRA’s Housing Project is almost complete and now it is emphasizing more to speed up work on Education and Health Sector.

Answering a question Chairman ERRA said that Master Plan for Muzaffarabad City Project has been finalized and the work will start soon. Bosnian Ambassador H.E. Damir Dzanko while appreciating ERRA’s efforts towards rebuilding in earthquake affected areas said that 2005 earthquake was a great disaster in Pakistan’s national history but people of Pakistan stood together to effectively tackle the situation and Bosnian Govt was always prepared to cooperate with ERRA to mitigate the sufferings of this great catastrophe.

He assured Chairman ERRA for Bosnia’s continuous support towards this noble cause in future. In SERRA office Muzaffarabad, Chairman ERRA Altaf M Saleem was also briefed about 617 transforms imported from China under Earthquake Early Assistance Project to channelize the Power network in earthquake affected areas of AJ&K. Altaf M Saleem instructed SERRA administration to install the transformers as soon as possible so that mechanism for provision of electricity in affected areas can be improved and streamlined.

Chairman ERRA later held meeting with VC Muzaffarabad University Dr Habib-ur-Rehman and discussed the issues delaying the reconstruction of University. Chairman Altaf Slaeem told the Vice Chancellor that the bidding process will be completed before April and the work will start right after. Chairman ERRA Altaf Muhammad Saleem, Bosnian Ambassador H.E. Damir Dzanko, Secretary Health AJ&K, high ranked ERRA officials and local people were also present on the occasion.-SANA

Dec 15

ERRA makes Rs. 95 millions bogus payments

ISLAMABAD: The Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) had made bogus payments of Rs. 95 million. This was disclosed in a report presented in Public Accounts Committee meeting. The meeting was held under chairmanship of Chaudhry Nisar Ahmad.

The meeting reviewed audit paras of Council of Islamic Ideology and ERRA. The existing deputy chairman ERRA admitted that bogus payments were made in Muzaffarabad and said that now the system was corrected and recovery of the amount is underway. Auditor General’s report revealed that ERRA failed to distribute Rs.3.31 billions among quake victims and the amount was still deposited in different banks.

The committee directed the ERRA to submit its report within three months regarding payments and expenditure after audit objections. The chairman Public Accounts Committee said ERRA was an important organization, which could not be neglected, and those responsible for discrepancies would be questioned.

Dec 01

ERRA on top in reconstruction sector in world: Akram

PESHAWAR: Earthquake Reconstruction and Reconstruction Authority (ERRA) deputy chairman Lt. General Nadeem Akram on Monday said that ERRA is ahead of rest of reconstruction activities in natural calamity area in the world.

Addressing inauguration ceremony of reconstructed Government High School Khairabad in union Council Karnol Balakot here, he said three years on from the devastating October 8 earthquake in northern part of Pakistan International organizations, world comity international societies has supported millions of communities in NWFP and AJK to the road to the recovery.

The government and the people of Pakistan convey their high appreciation to the world comity specially CARITAS Switzerland which completed more than ten schools besides its projects of reconstruction of 40 more schools in earthquake affected area of NWFP, he added.

Deputy Chairman ERRA said “Right across the region, we’re seeing real progress as thousands of houses have been build on owner driven program which were acknowledged most successful program in the world to rehabilitate the affectees on speedy”.

In spite of problems of limited workable period, limited contractors and shortage of material which badly affect the progress ERRA met the challenges in successful direction, he said. Our housing cash grant project was appreciated not only within the country but also by international world, Akram said.

On this occasion the local elders put up certain demands and problems to the Deputy Chairman on which he ensured that he would personally contact Chief Minister NWFP to raise the status of GHS Khairabad to higher secondary schools. He also ensured that non strategy schemes specially schools would be look into subject to condition availability of funds. Furthermore, Deputy Chairman said that ERRA had fulfilled the promise of build back better.

Oct 08

Third anniversary of October quake today

MUZAFFARABAD: All arrangements were finalized for the observance of 3rd Anniversary of 8th October 2005 earthquake on Tuesday, which hit Azad Kashmir and some parts of NWFP on this day.

The day will dawn with special prayers for the soul of martyrs of the quake as well as progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

In Muzaffarabad, sirens will be sounded at 8.52 in the morning during which all kinds of traffic will come to a tandstill for one minute to pay homage to the martyrs. Later a collective Duwa will also be held at University ground.

Official sources said the significant development of the day is the foundation stone laying ceremony of the mega developmental projects for Muzaffarabad and Muzaffarabad Athmuqam road which will cost three hundred ninety six million dollars

Oct 06

Severe earthquake tremors in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujar Khan, Jhelum

ISLAMABAD: Severe earthquake tremors have been felt in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujar Khan and Jhelum today. According to Met Office Peshawar, intensity of earthquake was recorded at rector scale as 6.5.

Chief metreologist Met Office Peshawar Mohammad Rafiq told that the centre of the earthquake was in an area of Kirghizistan some 650 km away in the north of Peshawar.

Sep 20

Moderate quake felt in Pakistan capital, no damage

ISLAMABAD — A moderate earthquake rattled Pakistan’s capital and some northwestern towns Saturday, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage, an official said.

The magnitude 5.4 quake was centered about 270 miles north of Peshawar, said Mohammed Akram of the state-run seismological center in Peshawar.

He said the tremors were felt in Islamabad and some northwestern cites like Mansehra, but authorities had received no information about any damage or casualties.

Akram urged people not to be panicked as such a moderate earthquake usually does not cause any damage.

A magnitude 7.6 earthquake in 2005 devastated Pakistani Kashmir and northwestern cities, killing about 80,000 people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. Some of the displaced families are still living in makeshift homes. -AP

Jul 11

Quake tremors felt in upper Pakistan

PESHAWAR: A medium scale earthquake jolted, Islamabad, Peshawar and northwestern Pakistan. The quake measured a 5.2 magnitude and occurred at 8:04 a.m. on Friday. It was originated from mountain range of Koh Hindu Kush, 300killometer away from Peshawar. According to Seismological Network of Pakistan Meteorological Department Peshawar its magnitude on international Richter scale was 5.2 and its epicenter lay about three hundred kilometers North of Peshawar in Hindukush Range.

Jul 11

Troops gradually move out of quake affected areas

ISLAMABAD: With 8th October approaching, troops start moving out of the Earthquake hit areas, gradually handing over the ownership of completed projects to the Civil Government. The initial pull out started with returning of bulk of 88 Brigade from Mansehra and 467 Brigade from Muzaffarabad. Local Formation Commanders and high ranking ERRA officials witnessed the initiation of return of the troops from affected areas. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 27

Earthquake May Lead to New Future for Private Civic Groups, Charities in China

Courtesy : VOA

Thousands of volunteers and private groups rushed to help victims of the earthquake that devastated China’s Sichuan Province in May. Now many people wonder whether the freedom they have had in the disaster area will carry over into broader rights for civic groups in the future. Jamila Trindle recently visited the town of Mianyang in Sichuan Province and has this report.

Teacher Shao Ling is helping out in a tent kindergarten that just opened in the community of Mianzhu. She says because of the big earthquake, her school has started its summer vacation, so while houses are being built she came here to volunteer, to try to help out.

She now works in a kindergarten built by the You Cheng Foundation for Poverty Reduction, from Beijing. Foundation member Wang Yi Bing says the earthquake has given non-governmental organizations and charities a chance to prove what they can do.

“The government allows all kinds of NGOs – if you want to go you can go, so I think it’s a good opportunity both for the NGO and for the government to review,” he says. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 26

Uk to help 1000 Businesses re-establish in EarthQuake Zone

Courtesy: British Embassy Beijing
1000 businesses destroyed by the devastating May 12 earthquake in Sichuan will be re-established in the next 12 months thanks to financial support by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the United Nations International Labour Organisation (ILO). A further 700 new businesses will be started for those who lost their jobs in the earthquake. Read the rest of this entry »

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