Jul 11

Troops gradually move out of quake affected areas

ISLAMABAD: With 8th October approaching, troops start moving out of the Earthquake hit areas, gradually handing over the ownership of completed projects to the Civil Government. The initial pull out started with returning of bulk of 88 Brigade from Mansehra and 467 Brigade from Muzaffarabad. Local Formation Commanders and high ranking ERRA officials witnessed the initiation of return of the troops from affected areas.

Whereas, Pakistan Army provided prompt and effective assistance to affectees of earthquake ravaged areas, exemplary collaboration of civil, military and international community has paid well in form of miraculous and fast track normalization of life in these areas.

Appreciating the spirit and zeal of all the ranks of Pak Army, Chairman and Dy Chairman ERRA conveyed their gratitude to Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Ishfaq Pervaiz Kiyani, for extending unfaltering support for this monumental task, specially, the untiring contribution of jawans of Pak Army in rehabilitation and reconstruction work thus, creating good will & saving substantial exchequer of the nation.

Besides undertaking a variety of development projects in the affected areas, the Army has successfully conducted surveys of more than 550,000 families out of a total of 623,000, leaving behind only 50,000 for the civil authorities. For smooth and effective transition, ERRA has extended the deadline for its Rural Housing Exit Strategy from 30th June to 15th September to facilitate the affectees who have, so far, not been able to construct houses according to ERRA guidelines.

Completion of 356,451 rural houses while 163,747 under construction, disbursements of billions to affectees, and schools, hospitals, banks & offices being functional at present, all roads operational, booming telecom services two Brigde, less two battalions, on for each NWFP & AJK, moved out in a graceful ceremony making Pakistan an exemplary, resilient case of facing disasters as a Nation.

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