May 28

US Senator visits AJK quake hit areas

ISLAMABAD: United States Senator Russ Feingold visited several areas of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) here today to witness first hand the life people are leading more than two-and-a-half years after the devastating 2005 earthquake. “The people of the United States fully understand the suffering and hardship that the people of the earthquake-hit areas of AJK have endured,” Senator Feingold said while observing the current status of the development and rehabilitation work undertaken by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and partners. “We are pleased to work together with the members of these communities to restore life to normal and build a even better future.”

In the morning the U.S. Senator visited the reconstructed Dadar Boys High School and the Dadar Girls Middle School and met with the staff and students. In Siran Valley Senator Feingold visited a USAID-sponsored irrigation project and met members of the Water Association. The irrigation project diverts river water into a previously uncultivated region of the valley and allows farming where it was previously impossible.

U.S. Senator Feingold also visited the site of Lake Lodhi Abad which was created in the aftermath of the earthquake. The lake presents a striking image of the magnitude of the earthquake. The Senator from the State of Wisconsin, also known as the ‘Dairy State,’ visited the Kana Mohri Milk collection and retail point and met with members of the Women’s Dairy Association. “I am very impressed with the success of the Women’s Dairy Association, not only in improving the lives of their families but contributing to the economic recovery of the entire community,” the American Senator remarked. Senator Feingold also visited the Kana Mohri Girls’ Middle School to review the progress of the construction work.

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